Instrument Repair

Recommended Local Repair
Due to the specialized nature of the bassoon, please do not take your bassoon to just any repair shop.  These are the repair people I would recommend in the area for bassoons.  For personally owned bassoons I have additional recommendations.  For school instruments, the below repair persons maybe able to work with your band director to have some or all of the repair covered by the county’s repair budget. If they cannot accept repair budget, please work with them and consider your maintenance of these instruments as a contribution to your school’s program.

Jeff Denning
Jeff’s Woodwind Shop – Repair of Fine Musical Instruments
Will come to you to get instrument or the bassoon studio

Dale Barton
Barton Winds
(301) 395-7805

Steve Ocone Woodwind Repair
28 Bloomsbury Ave, Catonsville, MD 21228